With over 40 years experience
Producing quality livestock feeds…

Estate Country Animal Feeds is a family run UFAS accredited animal feed producer in Worcestershire with over 40 years of experience in the animal feed industry.

We specialise in producing quality livestock feeds using specially designed fixed formulations, which are built around using high quality raw materials.

At Estate Country Animal Feeds we manufacture Beef, Sheep, Poultry and Horse feeds. The products are available in blown or tipped bulk, tote bags (500kg), or 25kg bags.

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All of our products are designed with the animal’s welfare and health in mind.

At Estate Country Animal Feeds we look at our formulations differently to others and so offer consistency in our rations.

We use formulations with a high cereal content with an emphasis on quality raw materials. All of our products are on a fixed formulation system, which give the customer peace of mind that the product ingredients will not be constantly changing, and that the product is the same each and every time.

If there is a product or speciality feed that we don’t offer and that you are interested in, we are flexible enough to be able to manufacture your speciality feed.

For more details on our product or to discuss a speciality feed please visit us in store, email enquiries@estatecountryfeeds.co.uk or call on 01886 888 948.