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Molasses Lick Tank - 250 litres & 500 litres

Molasses Tank - 250 litres & 500 litres

For use with animal feed molasses to save time, labour & money.
Portable & durable these lick tanks will ensure adequate nutrition for your animals &

2 Wheel, 500 litre lick-tank
Designed for smaller herds and sheep or for in-house or barrier feeding where space is limited.
At 25 cows / sheep per wheel 1 tank is required per 50 stock.
Dimensions: Diameter 1.3m, Height 0.6m

2 Wheel, 200 litre lick-tank
This low-lick-tank is ideal for feeding sheep and has a built in lifting hook for easy transportation.
One tank is required per 50-100 stock depending on re-fill frequency.

Please call Estate Country Animal Feeds on 01886 888948 or pop into our Martley Feed Store for further details.

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